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 The Broken Wheel Collection was designed to be a go-to collection for apparel and suggestions that will cater to questions about conversations that interest my customers. With winter weather breathing down our necks, and everywhere else, Broken Wheel has addressed your concerns for warmer, smarter, and variety of clothing to fit your needs. We have hoodies, knitted skull caps, winter jackets, t-shirts and sweatshirts, all to keep you cozy and happy when you’re outside, social distancing, and wearing your mask. Speaking of mask, we have designed a large collection to browse through. For those of you that like to synchronize your mask with your cap or hoodies, we have combined some of our COVID-19-Gear to match up or cross match depending on your whim.


It’s no secret we’re living in a pandemic  bubble right now, and making smart decisions how to keep one step ahead of this virus isn’t easy, but by now we do have a lot more information on how to beat this “buzzard” by using our heads and not just our hearts. Keeping our distance and wearing a mask by now is a “no-brainer”, but there’s something else we at, the parent company to Broken Wheel, would like to share and that’s Diet! Keeping our immune system safe and strong is mandatory. Besides the warm clothing, you must eat properly. Now you’re probably wondering what does diet have to do with hoodies, woolen caps, and sweatshirts? If you’re running around in the cold, and flu weather, if your body doesn’t have the proper nutrients, you’re going to get sick. If you get sick, well…there goes another customer who’s not able to enjoy our products. But my friends, it goes deeper than that. We exist because you exist, therefore if we can offer you more than just clothing, we will do it!


There are many articles and suggestions on the internet about diet, however I wanted to bring the best information I could find. So, I selected articles to get you thinking. Also, some diet ideas that experts have endorsed to maintain your mental health. Strong body, strong mind! Once you read through some of these suggestions, I’d like your input. Subscribe, let us know what you think about the advice we provide via or research team, committed to your wellbeing, and keeping you warm during these winter months.

Adios Amigos !!!!  

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