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Fans once again I've expanded my Boards on Pinterest for your enjoyment. For all of my new "Viewers" that are enjoying my boards on and welcome to my content and ideas of fashion with a purpose. One the motivations that lead me to do Dropship Marketing was a thought I had about what makes people react to "stuff", period. Think about it, when you're scouring the internet looking for something to grab your attention and it does, why does that happen? My, untrained scientific, professional opinion is, we saw something that resonated with our imagination that defined who we are.  So, if I could come up with a bunch of ideas that defines who I am and shared them with the universe perhaps people would see a bit of themselves in my selections of apparel that would articulate their "internal dialogue"; you know that conversation you have with self that says, "Oh yeah, I want this! " . So, the two Boards I've added to my account on Pinterest, are, "Back That Train Up!  and "Are We There Yet?" Now let me tell you a little bit about these boards. Are We There Yet is a bit of a play on words. It can relate to a destination, a spiritual centeredness, or applied to a Nation of citizens, relating to harmony and balance in communicating with each other. Frankly one can make an argument that as a Nation, "We're Not There Yet" but I think we're getting there. The roads a little cluttered right now but we're making progress. Americans are standing up and speaking truth to power, you can feel the momentum in the air. With fall encroaching, I've added apparel on both boards to challenge the winds of winter but in a style suitable to your inner being. 

Back This Train Up! was inspired by some negative thinking I let into my reservoir of positive energy. You know how it is, sometimes you get off track, your defenses get lacks and those haunting feelings of insecurity creep in and does a tap-dance in your head. So, when that happens you have to, " Back That Train Up", stop that "stinking thinking" and leap out of that rut! What better way to do that then put on something that makes you feel powerful and cocky!  Fashion can be medicinal. Once you have your power back, everything is right with the world, now you're ready to read your favorite affirmation journals, endure your Yoga exercises and start patting yourself on the back again, why not? You deserve it! 

One last parting word, in one of my previous blogs, I mentioned the launch of my first audiobook for children entitled, Once Upon a Time in the Black West. There were some issues with that maiden voyage but all of that has been corrected and the audiobook is now on,, and Itunes. I'd appreciated your reviews for the book and audiobook. There's a sample thirty-second snippet for you to listen to and I hope you like it. It's one of the first audiobooks of it's kind for children on the life and times of African American heroes of the Old West. Well Partners, until we meet again!  Think Happy Thoughts! 

Just Click the Cover below and go directly to Amazon and listen to 30-seconds of the "Sample" for your enjoyment. Please don't forget to give a "Review". Thank You! 



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