Once Upon a Time in the Black West

To all my fans of  audifilesoftheblackwest.com it  has been a fascinating ride so  far. You have opened your  curiosity and sense of adventure  to let me in your homes, cars,  wherever you spend time.

    You have given me permission to  introduce my products and express my story of the  American West. Now, I finally  have something else to share  with you; my first installment  with more to come,  a written  account of the lives of Black  cowboys, pioneers, the Buffalo  Soldiers, and mountain men in a  series entitled, Once Upon a  Time in the Black West. For all  of you lovers of westerns, back in the day, my favorite was , Once Upon a Time in the West, starring, Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Jason Robards, Claudette Cardinelli ( i think) . Yeh, I took that name and tweaked it a bit as a sign of respect. My point is not just regale you with apparel but engage your mind and imagination with history on pages long ignored but non-the-less just as exciting as that movie. Soon to follow the literary version of my stories in this series, will be an audio tape rendition of the first book. I want to keep you wanting more. So if you go to the Kindle Store, and type in Once Upon a Time in the Black West, the ebook will pop up and you can begin your journey into another place in time with an entirely different group of heroes. Knowledge is truly power but it can be fun too. Giving your children something to read over the summer that enlightens and exposes them to information they've missed in their educational journey makes them wiser, while simultaneously creating  a more interesting person. You can also write a review. I'd like to know what you think; it's important.

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