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Teacher’s today give so much of themselves to their students thereby making the learning experience both personal and nurturing. It’s that personal touch that so resonates with students long after they’ve moved on with their lives that is never forgotten. Audio Files of the Black West recognizes this phenomenon and has created audio files that mirror what teachers so freely demonstrate with students struggling to keep up with their peers regarding their reading skills.


Today, teachers are challenged in the classroom with curriculum schedules, equivalency testing procedures, and monitoring slow learners. Spending extra time with a boy or girl trying to keep up, puts a strain on them to ensure every other student is getting the attention they need. Audio Files of the Black West series, helps to relieve some of that anxiety with culturally relevant material, to appeal to students who demonstrate little interest in reading a book or on-line. For African American and Non-African American students, I have created a broad range of historical experiences largely related to African American people who helped settled the American West; men and women; from cowboys to mountain men.


Inspired from the award-winning children’s four book series, Reflections of a Black Cowboy, my series of audio files cater to the imagination of young students struggling with a disinterest in reading.  Audio tapes have been proven to pique the listener’s interests and challenge them to follow their curiosity to read more about a topic, which can improve their reading skills.  Teachers can take advantage of a student’s new found interests by developing for example, learning models, i.e., reading and story- telling competitions within the classroom. Students can compete with each other by judging who tells or writes the best stories based on their research from the books , Reflections of a Black Cowboy . Teachers can be as creative as time allows in the classroom by just listening to the audio files followed by class discussions surrounding the reading material. Your choices are unlimited and the students will surely benefit from the information and in addition, improve their reading skills.




Reading aloud to children has always left them fascinated and dazzled by a good story; even if you had to make it up, like my Mom, back- in-the-day. However, today’s fast moving pace interferes with a vast majority of family time. We’ve put together stories your children and even you can listen to and talk about later or have your child text you about their favorite character while you’re away. Together you can stay connected and you will be shaping their behavior to stay on message and become responsible readers.




The first installment category of Audio Files of the Black West, is Cowboys. The stories will be updated periodically until all 20 stories from all four books have been uploaded. Eventually other books written by the same author, Dr. Robert H. Miller will be introduced to expand the audio file product line.


The Stories:


When I was a young boy, I was mesmerized by Hollywood westerns. The idea of riding a beautiful stallion into town, guns blazing, saving the people from evil outlaws then winning the hand of the girl was like a dream come true. What a fantasy! But, I bring those fantasies alive in the Audio Files of the Black West. The first installment of the series, will explore the American West but from a different perspective. My stories are about African Americans who changed the narrative of the western frontier. People like, Cherokee Bill,” Dead Wood Dick” (Nat Love), “stagecoachMary Fields, Bill Pickett, and the story of how the Old Cowboy met his loyal canine companion, Sundown, will fill your listening hours with suspense and excitement. Other stories in the series will also be introduced. Black Pony Express riders, the exploits of The Buffalo Soldiers, and many more African Americans the history books barely mention, if at all; their lives will enlighten you and command your attention. I promise, children, students and adults too, will discover little unknown facts about the American frontier through the eyes of Black men and women who lived and made their mark on the face of the American West. When the books were released in 1991, they hit a nerve in the African American community across the country that is still alive today. Now, more people than ever will have the distinct privilege and opportunity to hear the first installments of what will become a “must have” in your audio file library.


 The Reflections of a Black Cowboy series won The American Book Sellers, Pick of the List Awards in 1991, and deemed Cowboys, and the Buffalo Soldiers as epic translations of contributions made by African Americans to western folklore.


My Request:


Give, audiofilesoftheblackwest.com a visit and determine how you can utilize my audio series as pure enjoyment or to improved the reading and writing adventures of your students and your children.


The books are available at, JUSTUSBOOKS.COM, SANKOFA BOOKS. Reflections of a Black CowboyBook 1, Cowboys, Book 2, Buffalo Soldiers, Book 3, Pioneers, Book 4, Mountain Men. Get the series and follow along with the adventures of the Old Cowboy and his dog Sundown or just sit back and listen to him narrate the lives of real African American heroes of the wild ,wild West !




My strategy is simple; spark the imagination of young African American boys to become athletic readers. Words are like diamonds, once you have mastered them, they are yours forever!

Thank You, for your private attention,

Robert H. Miller, Ph.D., CEO