Some years back Robert Miller wrote an award winning four book children’s series entitled, Reflections of a Black Cowboy. The series won the American Book Sellers ‘Pick of the List Award’ when it was first published by Simon & Schuster.  Twenty years later the series is still in circulation with another publisher, JUSTUSBOOKS.COM.  Since its first publication, Dr. Miller has attained his Ph.D. in African American Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia and teaches at Rowan and Rutgers University in New Jersey. Dr. Miller has written and produced, “Hello America…my name is Jimmy Baldwin”, for the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, in Philadelphia, Pa. along with a variety of screenplays and television pilots.

Audio Files of the Black West is inspired from the earlier series, which extols the adventures of real African American men and women whose skills and bravery helped tame the American West.  When asked, what inspired him to rewrite the books for audio purposes? His response, “…today’s a different time than the first publication of the series. Audio visual is the medium to attract young readers. Stories come alive when you combine your imagination with reading and listening”. He also mentioned, the need to tell the American story of the Old West from an African American perspective is crucial to the authenticity of American history. “Audio Files…” are about true heroes and their lives. When you hear, the Old Cowboy tell his stories of Nat Love, Bill Pickett, Cherokee Bill and “stagecoach” Mary Fields to his canine companion, Sundown, you’ll be drawn into an adventure far beyond your imagination”. So, pull up a chair, put on a pair of cowboy boots, download the series and saddle up!  Once upon a time in the West, rode gallant black men on horseback…known as, the cowboys.

Dr. Miller is also available for booked appearances and presentations.