GO WEST!


Hello again my Audiofilesoftheblackwest fans. I’ve been away for too long but now I’m back to share some of feelings with you about the climate of uncertainty that plagues our country right now. It’s kind of eerie isn’t it? Economically we are supposed to be doing so well as a country, so why don’t we feel like it, right? My curiosity got the best of me, so I had to do some research. What could be causing this feeling of spiritual anxiety and sense of national drifting. To my surprise and critical judgment, I stumbled across an article that earmarked these same atmospheric conundrums but in an astrological framework and blamed our national, probably global unrest on The Progressions of the Equinox.  The world is transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Our planet is undergoing a metamorphosis shedding old habits and moving toward innovative, harmonious and scientific modalities. Those new narratives will seek and encourage more human collaboration.  Questioning so-called truths of the past ( Age of Pisces) is incongruent to the status quo when contrasted with contradictory facts  present in the (Age of Aquarius) www.astrocenter.com. A time for truth while shifting away from deception and suspicion is the new deacon for change. We are now in the middle of an astrological descent of the Piscean Age and the roaring ascension of the Age Aquarius leaving us humans twisting slowly in the wind, hopefully not for long.

Now that you know why you feel the way you do, let me offer you some alternative solutions to circumvent your frustrations and place a smile upon those lips of yours. Travel, travel, travel, Not just anywhere but in your own back yard, the American West! To aid you in this endeavor I’ve created a rather interesting board in my Pinterest account under audiofilesoftheblackwest.com called, Canyon Run.

Canyon Run reintroduces you to those old western movie landscapes that made Hollywood  stars out of John Wayne, Humphry Bogart, Charleston Hesston, Burt Lancaster and Woody Strode in the ’40s,’50s, ’60s. Those of you who saw their movies as kids have some great stories to tell your grandchildren. But nothing tops being there.  For those of you who haven’t been to the Grand Canyon, see the movie, the one with Danny Glover. I think it came out in 1991, written by Lawrence Kasdan. America has a huge backyard filled with little goodies, the Grand Canyon is just one of them. It’s time for a road trip “Partners”.  Time waits for no one, Go West, THE ADVENTURE IS ALIVE!

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