Mask Up !

Mask Up !



To all my fans and Posse, I want to share another observation where life has opened a trap door taking us on a surprising filed trip. We’re not sure where it will lead but one thing about life, it’s the mystery that’s so appealing!

The journey starts with where we are right now with this intruder in our midst, “coronavirus”. I’d be remised if I said, all is well on the Western Front when it’s clearly not. This monster has crept into our living rooms via the news media and is taking the world into a dark space. You know, this present journey we’re on, is like a baseball game with infinitesimal innings, pitching, incessant curve balls keeping us off-balanced; but after a while, we figure it out, and when we connect just right, we knock that ball out of the park!  This coronavirus, is one of those curve balls thrown at us, but we haven’t struck out yet; let’s say, we’re sizing up the pitcher. Sometimes in the heat of the game of life, circumstances can become dire and hope leaks out of hearts like water through a spaghetti strainer.  When that happens our “woe is me card” gets played and all we can see is gloom and doom. That’s one approach, on the other side of the coin, is a lesson, as unwelcome as it may be, but it comes with an ingredient of wisdom, waiting to be gleaned with an opened mind. 

We’ve been introduced to a disease that doesn’t discriminate, isn’t prejudice, and flaunts no privileges, white or black. Wherever it came from, we can all agree, it has our attention, rattled our complacency, and impacted our reality. Life as we knew it, will never been the same again, our country will never feel the same again, this intruder who crashed our party of living refuses to leave, brought its own music and has us dancing to foreign tunes anathema to our senses.  As a nation, we’re beginning to take stock of what’s really important; not money, nor status, or greed, but something more basic…each other. People in America are coming together to rid ourselves of this beast at the dinner table determined to hold us hostage.

Neighbors, friends, and enemies from every walk of life are vulnerable to this intruder, but we’re all working hard to get back on track. In our commitment to rid ourselves of this plague, I’ve noticed something else starting to happen. This propitious calamity has begun to reinstate our national bond between us Americans.  In times of war, people set aside petty grievances and focused on reaching a common goal, victory!  I hear the cry of victory again, faint but gaining volume. We are beginning to re-appreciate, not only our country in this battle but also our countrymen. We will win this war against an uninvited moment in our history and it will take the efforts of all us pulling together to reset our destiny in a different direction, one of inclusion and social integrity. We are always stronger together as Americans than we are when divided, and we have a history to prove it! 

To memorialize this teachable moment, I’ve created another “Theme” shirt entitled, “Mask Up America! to show how much we care for the health and wellbeing of your fellowman. Wearing this “theme collection” expresses our human connection to people around the world fighting for the same cause, the annihilation of a common nemesis, the Coronavirus. Join Us, this is a war we have to win!    Meet me at ,  LET’S WIN TOGETHER
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