Shared Advice

Shared Advice

First, let me say to all my fans that “Liked” my page on Pinterest, thank you. I’m humbled by the fact you took the time to browse through it and I encourage all you to also go to my other store, and get acquainted with my new product line of t-shirts and other tidbits of fashion expression.

 You know the world of E-Commerce can be time-consuming and tunnel vision you to an extent you forget to have a social life or maintain friendships. We all know friendships are important in life and ignoring those responsibilities have devastating effects on those we care about. Life is hectic, challenging and filled with riddles. On our best day we can be brought to our knees due to unfortunate circumstances. Having someone out there to give us encouragement and a fresh perspective on a dire situation is priceless. I’m want to share with you an experience I encountered with a friend I hadn’t heard from in some time. I was surprised to hear from her, we did the quick version of catch up on old times, then she expressed the true purpose of her call. She was feeling, “defeated” lately and getting depressed about it. Here’s a person, from my memory, was the last human being I’d ever imagine sharing these words with me. At this point I didn’t know what to do; just listen, play the human-sounding board; do an Oprah or Dr. Phil, dazzle her with some study that pertains to her case or chastise her diet strategy? It was really a “deer in the headlight moment”. So, I just listened at first, believing that would be sufficient. As the story progressed I seriously felt her cry for help surpassed the “sounding board” phase. I had to come up with something. I played the sounding board role and combined it with a story. Not as a remedy, but as a shared experience.

I tried to convey to my friend not to judge her feelings of defeat as a bad thing. Welcome that moment and view it as a time to reflect on where she’s headed on this road called “living”. I further shared with her, the feeling of “defeat” is the mind making a correction for you to attain your destiny. Our busy lives require a period of “pause” to reassess, adjust then redirect. When the mind summons the brain to shut down, it’s a clarion call for the body, mind, and spirit to re-connect. A balance between these three siblings is mandatory for either to function properly. This shock and ah intervention can leave one feeling lost and adrift with a sense of foreboding, but not to worry, this is the rebooting period. Once all three are back in synch, you will know where and how to reach your goals. Periodically “wake-up” calls are needed when we stray too far from our true purpose for being here.   We all have a role to play in this theatre of life, sometimes we get mis-casted; it’s our task to stay true to the script we were given.

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